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Excellence in the Arts and the Sciences.

A Council of the Tau Gamma Phi. Join a dynamic organization made possible by dynamic Triskelions. Be a part of the Triskelion Family and Spirit.
Community services are rendered every week all over the country. Good citizenry is a goal of Tau Gamma Phi.
Community projects can be initiated by local chapters thereby laying down leadership training grounds for every member.
Our beautiful Sigmas. What can we do without them. Friday Night is party night in Tau Gamma Phi.
Hundreds of Triskelions graduate every year in colleges and universities all over the Philippines. Tau Gamma Phi is big in education.

Give your Life a new dimension.

My Fraternity, the Supreme Fraternity, the Tau Gamma Phi. It can be yours too and be Proud to be Triskelion. HAPPY TRISKELION CHRISTMAS (2012)
12 Reasons to join Tau Gamma Phi

12 Great Reasons

The Twelve Great reasons to become a Triskelion.
Tau Gamma Phi is the place to develop your communications skills both oral and written. Read more...

Whe I Became a Triskelion

When I became a Triskelion

Things that happened to me when I became a Triskelion
I started to play songs in Triskelion Radio
I started organizing community projects.
I was weak, then I became strong. Read more....

***We are providing 24/7 Member support through TriskelionRadio.com

Pinoy Super Kid

Tau Gamma Phi News

Tris K Lion Productions produced the movie Pinoy Super Kid starring Buboy Villar, Sis Suzette Ranillo and many other Triskelions... The trailer can be found in: Read more.

Tau Gamma Phi Founding Years video

The Founding Fathers

Confessor, Ordinario, Venida, and Pablo....

Tau Gamma Phi Anti Drugs Program

Triskelion Anti-Drug Program

The Triskelion Anti Drugs program was founded on April 10, 2011 in TriskelionRadio and the Triskelion Tambayan. It's goal are: Read More...

Tau Gamma Sigma Founding Years

I can be a Triskelion.

I want to be a Triskelion.

The Tau Gamma Phi/Sigma, Triskelions Grand Fraternity, Triskelions Grand Sorority:

Happy Anniversary Tau Gamma Sigma

anne curtis
Why Choose Us?
If you want to excel, improve yourself, then choose us. If you want to be a leader, choose us. Tau Gamma Phi has its own special orders like the Triskelion Order of Medicine, Triskelion Order of Law, Triskelion Order of Nursing, Triskelion Order of Educators, and a lot lot of councils within Tau Gamma Phi. You can participate and be a leader trainee in any of these organizations.
Our Strengths
Our strenght comes from Fortis; our resolve from Voluntas and our brotherhood from Fraternitas. This is the true filipino fraternity as it was founded by filipinos. Not imported. Tau Gamma Phi is considered to be one of the top filipino - Phitlippine Fraternities. The videos and pictures are testaments to itself.
Our Mission
Our Achievements
Too many to mention aside from being the biggest Fraternity in the Philippines. Tau Gamma Phi is a true pinoy fraternity, something any filipino would be proud of.
How can you get to us?
Just look for a chapter in your school, neighborhood or street corner. If it is the top Philippine Fraternity that you are looking for, that is Tau Gamma Phi, the Triskelions Grand Fraternity.

Councils & Orders

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