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The History of the Tau Gamma Sigma Sorority// Triskelions Grand Sorority

Tau Gamma Sigma History

from TGP Cyberspace Council

It was a cold afternoon of January 17, 1969 in Mandaluyong when the TAU GAMMA SIGMA was formed. Eleven (11) illustrious coed girls from UP Diliman campus are “barkada” of the Tau Gamma Phi founders. These girls were all political science students and members of the Political Science Club who are valiantly embraced the TENETS AND CODES OF CONDUCT.

The founders are Rosmarie Carandang, Victoria Sisonte Bataclan, Lucita Rodriguez, Erlinda Arabejo, Teresita Aguinaldo, Mila Garcia, Rowena Celino Alfonso, Emily Sibula Hiadini, Nitz Santos, Flery Tesado Tesoro, and Luzviminda Tancangco. The first batch that had initiation rites was held in Bustos, Bulacan. Successive batches came in until they reached the number of almost fifty members of different courses in UP campus.

triskelions grand sorority

Formal structure followed in July 1970 when they had their 1st Induction cum Ballroom. Despite of the girls very stiff class schedules as well as busy bodies in the campus, the Tau Gamma Sigma members managed to formulate policies and guidelines of the sorority particularly the Constitution and Initiation Procedure. Eighty percent (80%) is mental torture while only minimal percent on the physical contact.

It is indeed in great pride that the Tau Gamma Sigma members are very active in participating school activities especially in the Student Council. The sorority was an ultra ego image of the TGP fraternity which forces become stronger in the campus due to their individual excellence.

A few years later, in 1971, the number of the Sigma members had gone down due to many had graduated and recruitment process then, had become too rigid due to the sudden declaration of the Martial Law. Many things had changed, some were transferred to other schools, went abroad and some had to take leave of absence for various reasons.

Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity

Early 1973, the sorority had faded in the campus. But the brods did not stop in looking for other recourse due to the fact that they cannot live without Sigma, they need someone always at their side, “taga-luto, taga-payo, taga-gamot, taga-alaga” and all the rest of being a “taga”. By the late 1973, a Brod also from UP Diliman formed the group called “Sedarum Saudara”, an organization but not a sorority. The UP TGP Brods also called these girls as sisters. Membership in this organization has no initiation rites; they just submit their application with corresponding academic excellence, then interview portions followed. It was only in 1981 when UP TGP revived the sorority and they are Dinky Ruivivar, Chloe Ceniza, Grace Corachea and Macris Santos. In the revival batch, two members came from the Sedarum Saudara.

triskelions grand sorority

Presently, the original eleven UP founding sisters are now happy with their family. Some are now based abroad, few are on their businesses and others are holding top positions in the government.

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