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Prayers of Triskelions// Tau Gamma Phi is open to people of any religion

A Triskelion's Prayer

Almighty Father, give us the strenght and wisdom
To do great things for your greater glory.
Give us the understanding and free will
to become good soldiers of yours;
Help us be the best we can be;
for we know that you are the true conglomeration of the
dynamic Forces of the Universe; the conglomeration,
we and Your Son and our Brother Jesus Christ were derived from.
We thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us and
shall give us.
Strenghten our unity, so all Triskelions paddle in One Direction,
as we are one Family, One Spirit, and One Fraternity.
We respect You; we honor You, the True Supreme Being,
Master of the Universe.
Give Guidance to your Chosen Fraternity,
the supreme fraternity, the TAU GAMMA PHI.
These I believe and ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in Union
with the Holy Spirit. Amen.(sign of the cross

MMRC Triskelion Prayer

Almighty God bless this brotherhood of ours
so that we succed in all its endeavors,
enlighten and strengthen of our triskelion
grand council secretary for then to maintain
the highest standard of decision and making
for a better success for tau gamma phi
fraternity and sorority AMEN

Prayer by Brod Boyet Alinea

Panginoon, gabayan mo po kami sa aming paglalakby bilang
mga Triskelion sa aming maliit na buhay....
(will ask brod boyet for a complete a copy of his prayer)..

Prayer by a Muslim Brother

by Brod. Miko Adiong

My Anniversary Prayer

Bro. Tolits aka Ka Isko

Almighty and Supreme Being,
You said that wherever there are three
Or four gathered in your Name,
You are always amidst of them—acting as

As we celebrate the Forty Fourth Founding
Anniversary of our beloved Fraternity,
The Tau Gamma Phi,
Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity and Sorority;
We firmly believe that Your Presence
Magnifies in the center of this very special

You have created the Tau Gamma Phi’s
Codes of Conduct and Tenets
Through the brilliant minds of our Founding Fathers,
You have entrusted upon them the most
Fulfilling mission that a vibrant creature
Has to accomplish on earth, and designed every
Triskelion’s heart and soul as the cornerstone of

Almighty and Supreme Being,
Countless times we failed to submit to your will;
We became too proud of our own capabilities—
These even made us ignore you
Especially when we are on the

We are swallowed and ruled by our
Pride, anger, lust, envy, gluttony, avarice, and sloth;
Rather than swallowing them.
We are used by money, rather than spending
We conquered through the use of power, rather than using REASON AS POWER!

For all of that sinfulness, we humbly and truly repent!
And, Almighty and Supreme Being,
We would like to thank you for all the good things
And happiness You have continuously been showering upon us,
Especially during the 44th Founding Anniversary celebration and the
Challenging Existence Of our dear Fraternity, the one and only:

Allow us to conspicuously show our enduring love for our fellow men;
Permit us persevere and continue to grow in wisdom


Kindly maintain open lines of communications to other Triskelion chapters and councils. See for assistance, open 24-7.

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