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Excellence is the Arts and the Sciences.

The Twelve Great Reasons to become a Triskelion


Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity

1) You get a Lifetime Genuine Comaraderie and Friendship with the Brods and Sis'.

2) Tau Gamma Phi is an international fraternity. Be a part of an organization with a vast network of members from a multitude of professions and walks of life.

3) Tau Gamma Phi is the place to develop your communication skills both oral and written.

4) Excellence in the arts and sciences.

5) Tau Gamma Phi is the place to learn to be the Best, the Biggest, the Highest in anything you want to do.

6) Tau Gamma Phi is the place to develop your leadership skills in preparation for the real world.

7) Tau Gamma Phi is the repository of core values and pratical principles; essential to attain a successful career, vital to become a pillar of the community, and necessary to become the Master of your own World.

8) Membership to the Triskelions Grand Fraternity gives you a unique oppurtunity to participate in Fraternity sponsored civic and social events, including but not limited to balls, teach-ins, or just plain bonding around.

9) Membership to Tau Gamma Phi makes you a part of an organization with a Wealth of Traditions.

10) You become a member of the fastest growing Fraternity in the world, something that you can be proud of.

11) It is the place to get some Character and Personality.

12) Discipline and Mental Toughness.

Kindly maintain open lines of communications to other Triskelion chapters and councils. See for assistance, open 24-7.

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