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What is the Tau Gamma Phi? Tau Gamma Phi is a Brotherhood. It is a repository of core values and practical principles necessary to become successful in life, vital to become a pillar of the community and be a part in nation building.

Tau Gamma Phi stands for: Triskelions Grand Fraternity; Order of Triskelions

What is a Triskelion? A Triskelion is the conglomeration of the dynamic forces of the Universe; the rest is confidential.


What is Triskelion Studies?

Triskelion Studies is the study of the History, the doctrines and principles of the Triskelions Grand Fraternity/Sorority.

Tau Gamma Mascot--- Lion

Why is the lion the mascot of the Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity and Tau Gamma Sigma Sorotity?

Answer: Because a Triskelion is the Master of his own World as the lion is the king of the jungle.

Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity Recognition Day--- the second saturday of December

Describe the Triskelion Cross: The Triskelion Cross is the symbol with 3 Sevens or it is the symbol with three " 7 "

It is said that the number seven ( 7 ) is a beautiful number. who said that?

Answer: The Bible.

What does the Triskelion Cross signify? The Triskelion Cross, according to the Hindus, signify movement, motion, dynamism; the Dynamic forces of the Universe.

What does the number "seven hundred and seventy seven " mean ?

Answer : A Triskelion.

What does the number 777 symbolize?

Answer : A Triskelion

Where can you find the mark of a Triskelion?

You find it figuratively in his heart (nasa puso) and literally in his chest.

What is the greatest weapon of a Triskelion?

Answer: his intellect; the mind of a Triskelion

What is the most important Tau Gamma Phi document? Answer: The 1968 Tau Gamma Phi Constitution because without it there will be no Tau Gamma Phi. This Constitution is superior to any other Tau Gamma documents including its Tenets, Codes of Conduct, The Tau Gamma Principles, directives, advisories,directives, opinions.

What is Tau Gamma Sigma? Tau Gamma Sigma is the sorority/female counterpart of the Tau Gamma Phi. Members of Tau Gamma Sigma are Triskelions too.

What is the profile of a Tau Gamma Sigma?

Answer: Smart and Beautiful.

What is the toughest Fraternity in the Philippines?

Answer: Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity

Why is the Triskelion Hand Sign so unique?

Answer: Because when it comes in contact with another Triskelion Hand Sign, it becomes a Triskelion Handshake

Why is Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity and Tau Gamma Sigma always in involved in the political process of the Philippines?

Answer: Because Triskelions are leaders of men.

7ive and 7let 7ive <---- another way to say Live and Let Live, the triskelion way

Why are Triskelions so competitive in everthing they do?

Answer: because it is in their blood.

Who coined the cheer "Arriba Tau Gamma Phi "?

Answer: Letran Triskelions started "Arriba Tau Gamma Phi". They derived it from " Arriba Letran"

Why are Triskelions infatuated to excel?

Answer: because when a Triskelion excel, he/she becomes a reflection of the Supreme Being.

Is Tau Gamma Phi a religion?

Answer.: No. Tau Gamma Phi is not a religion. Tau Gamma Phi is a Way of Life.

Why do some people criticize Tau Gamma Phi?

Answer: na-ingit lang sila; crab mentality

How many Triskelions are there?

There are around 700,000 strongs based on a national ID registration. But the number is growing as Triskelions are being made as we speak. We make Triskelions.

How many brothers does a Triskelion have?

Answer: A Triskelion has 700,000 brothers and sisters. It's one big happy family.

Why are Triskelions usually big and muscular?

Answer: It's the effect of his Outer Fortis which requires him to take care of his body and looks.That is also the reason why there are no ugly Triskelions.

Spell Triskelion. Answer: T R I S K E L I O N, there's no other way to spell it.

Why is Tau Gamma Phi sometimes called the Bloodiest fraternity in the Philippines?

Answer: Because they regularly donate blood to the Philippine National Red Cross.

What is the biggest service fraternity in the Philippines?

Answer: Tau Gamma Phi. Although Tau Gamma Phi is an excellence fraternity, it is the biggest service fraternity in the Philippines with community projects being rendered every week all over the Philippines. The evidence is in their works. We wish to recognize the works of Tau Gamma Phi's founding fathers for their continuos mentoring work for the filipino youth. They are Brods. Confessor (UP Chapter 1968), Ordinario (UP Chapter, 1968), Venida (UP Chapter 1968), Pablo (UP Chapter, 1968)

What is the biggest humanitarian fraternity in the Philippines?

Answer: Humanitarian means giving food, clothes, and money to the poor. The answer is Beta Sigma and Upsilon Sigma Phi..

What is the organizational structure of Tau Gamma Phi?

Answer: It's federal in nature: The Federation of Triskelions. That is why you have a Triskelion De MIndanao, Triskelion De Iloilo, Triseklion De Bataan, so forth and so on too many to type. They all compose one Tau Gamma Phi.

Why is Tau Gamma Phi an export of the Philippines?

Answer: because it was conceived in the Philippines and is now in 31 different countries around the world

In how many countries can you find chapters of the Tau Gamma Phi?

Tau Gamma Phi Chapters can be found in 31 countries around the world. It's an export of the Philippines.

How did the founding of the Tau Gamma Phi affect the concept of fraternities in the Philippines?

Answer: Before the the founding of Tau Gamma Phi, fraternities were a part of univerisity life and fraternity life ends on graduation day. With the advent of Tau Gamma Phi, the fraternity became a Way of Life..

What's the radio station of the Tau Gamma Phi?

It's TriskelionRadio. You can find it in www.TriskelionRadio.com

What is the online store of the Tau Gamma Phi?

Answer: Its TriskelionMarket. You can find it in www.TriskelionMarket.com



Triskelion History::


Fill in the blanks: The Triskelion Hymn was first sang in (a)________________ in the year(b) _________. There was a (c)____________ the day before.

Answers: (a) Lido Beach, Cavite (b) 1974 (c) brain storming session. Remember that these Triskelions are all Philippine Government Scholars and were considered to be the best and the brightest students during their time. It therefore of no coincidence that being the best and brightest is embeded in the Doctirnes of Tau Gamma Phi.


Fill in the blanks. The first Tau Gamma initiation was held in (a)_______________ in the year (b) ________. Answer: a) Cavite b) 1969

Who was the first General Secretary of the Tau Gamma Phi?

Answer: Jun F, MDG

Name the popular TV series that stars David Carradine during the 70s.

Answer: Kung FU

Who created the Triskelion Hymn?

Answer: Ben Beltran, Jojo Quimpo, Toots Mijares(guitarist)

What was the first Tau Gamma Phi community chapter?

Answer:the first Tau Gamma Phi community Chapter was the Project 7 Community Chapter in Quezon City. It was headed by Brod Benjie M (UP chapter),members were Chichock S.(UP-chapter), Gil Dioso (UP Chapter), and a National University Brod who lives 3 blocks away from Brod. Benjie.

What's the first regular batch of the Tau Gamma Phi? Answer: The Lions batch, 1969. This was followed by the Vulture, Condor,Crow, Leopard, Crane, Tiger, Dragon batches, so forth and so on and the rest is History. All these batch names are retired. You cannot use them. Find some other name for your batch.

What is KUMAG? KUMAG stands for Kung Fu Morma Martial Arts Group. It is the Tau Gamma Phi self-defense training program.. In it, Triskelions were trained in actual hand to hand combat in addition to stamina development.

In the 1970's, what contests did Triskelions join during Christmas?

Answer: Join singing contests.

In the 1970's, what do Triskelions do during Fridays?Answer: Dress well, party, tell stories, and be happy and sing the TGP Friday song (We're drunk last night, we're drunk the night before, we're gonna be drunk tonight...........)

In the early 1970's, what did the Triskelions do on Saturdays? Answer: Every Saturday morning, they had the Martial Arts classes and a lot of sparring was done as praticum.

In the early 70's, what did the Triskelions do during the rest of the week? As most of the Triskelions were government scholars, they studied their lessons the rest of the week whether or not they were at the Tambayan at the 3rd foor of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Can you find Triskelions at the 3rd floor of the University of the Philippines College of Arts and Sciences today? No. You won't find Triskelions at the old tambayan as the UP Administration has removed the benches for anybody to sit and hang around. If anybody is seen hanging around the 3rd floor, UP Security will tell you that you can't hang around for being suspected of being a Triskelion. If you hang around, and you have no ID, or you are a UP Alumni not taking any course, much more if you say that you are a Tau Gamma member, you will be asked to leave or be arrested for trespassing. And depending who the UP security guard confronting you, you can get searched. This is a sublte way of suppressing and harassing Tau Gamma Phi in UP Diliman. They do this for Tau Gamma Phi alone; but for other major fraternities, they can have all the tambayans they want; and thrive with no problem at all. As a consequence, the UP Diliman Triskelions are just short of running underground as they get harrassed by "You can't hang around here; you can't hang around there or anywhere." UP Administration says this allegation is baseless, then they should let Tau Gamma Phi get back their old tambayan at the 3rd floor of UP Arts and Sciences. Probably, they fear that Tau Gamma will become the biggest and most pervasive fraternity in the campus. And if that's the motive for all these oppression, that' s persecution. On the other hand, some cocomeni comedian publicity hungry gay clubs have proclaimed in national TV that they are the meanest, most destructive of frats; but the UP Admin turned a deaf ear on their boastful immoral declarations. UP Admin didn't believe them. But for the silent and humble Tau Gamma Phi in their off the beaten path tambayan and minding their own business, they get squeezed by that discrimanatory arrogant UP Admin. And this has been happening for the last 35 years. To further this irony and hypocracy, The University of the Philippines touts itself as the bearer of excellence for the Filipino people. But what they say is contrary to what they do. UP Admistration touts excellence but on the other hand suppresses a Fraternity whose mantra is excellence. There goes the hypocrisy of the UP Administration.

UP Admin should rethink their unfair policy towards Tau Gamma. Now that TGP is the biggest fraternity in the Philippines, created by Filipinos, now in 31 countries and growing, and currently accepted by different nationalities, UP Admin is the villain in all these. And what does UP Admin do? It undermines a made-in-the Philippines organization, the Tau Gamma Phi. To the Chancellor of UP , UP President, and UP Board of Regents including Senator Mar Roxas,, stop this little holocaust of yours. Give back the Tambayan of the UP Triskelions.


Tau Gamma Phi Foundation Day: October __________

Why is the Tau Gamma Phi sometimes called the "Bloodiest Fraternity in the Philippines"?

Answer: Because Tau Gamma Phi members regularly donate blood to the Philippine Red Cross. (according to Ralph , TGP)

Who are the six founders of the Tau Gamma Phi?

The six founders of the Tau Gamma Phi are Rodolfo Confessor, Roy Sario Ordinario, Atty. Talek Hamias Pablo, Marco Vedasto 'Tito' Venida, Atty. Romeo Fortes, and Restituto Alfonso.

Fill in the blank. The first Grand Triskelion of the Tau Gamma Phi was_______________?

Answer: Rodolfo Confessor, Founding Father, TGP.

In the 1970's, what Tau Gamma Chapter had 2 Grand Triskelions and why? In the 1970's, the Tau Gamma Phi Adamson University Chapter had 2 Grand Triskelions. Membership had swelled to 500 members mostly from the college of engineering. TGP Adamson University had a batch where the number of neophytes outnumbered the masters. Thus, there was a valid concern that if the neophytes mounts a revolt, the masters will be at a disadvantage. Luckily, the neophytes became Triskelions.

What's the first chapter of the Tau Gamma Phi.

The first chapter of the Tau Gamma Phi is the University of the Philippines Chapter and the rest is History.

More about Tau Gamma.

What's the power source of a Triskelion?

A Triskelion's power source is his Inner Fortis which coincidentally is stronger than the Outer Fortis...

Is Tau Gamma a cult?

Tau Gamma is a way of life. It is not a cult. It's officers are freely elected in a free election by its members in a Tau Gamma Congress. It's officers, officers emeritus and future officers are neither kins nor relatives. Officers have term limits.Tau Gamma Phi is run by the rule of law and nobody is above the law.

Does Tau Gamma have "Honorary members"?

No, Tau Gamma does not have honorary members. Triskelions are made in a process that have been handed down from one generation to another. There is only one process in making a Triskelion.

Is Tau Gamma for everybody?

No, the Order of Triskelions is not for everybody. It is only for a special few.

Give a brief description in the making of a Triskelion.

Triskelions are made and there is only one way to make a Triskelion. It will be the hardest thing that one may do in their whole life. If one passes it, he has proven something to himself and guaranteed himself as more than ready for the challenges of Life. You also gain a Seat in the Order of Triskelions.

Why is the Tau Gamma Phi called the Supreme Fraternity?

Tau Gamma Phi is called the supreme fraternity because it's members are thought to be the Best, the Biggest, the Highest in anything each member wants to do. One of it's goal is to attain excellence in the Arts and the Sciences. Triskelions are over-achievers and tenacious competitors. Successful Triskelions are all over Philippine society whether it's in the sciences, politics, business, entertainment, real estate, banking and finance, you name it. In addition, Triskelions help fellow Triskelions and expect nothing in return.

Can Tau Gamma improve my life financially?

Tau Gamma will not give you money but it can teach you how to make money. Tau Gamma is a repository of core values and practical principles that can be used in everyday life to help you reap financial rewards. If you master your trade; be supreme in your work as Tau Gamma preaches; the financial rewards follow.

Will a Triskelion deliver bad work to a client?

No, he will not because all his works are excellent. And by doing excellent work, he gains more clients or rises up in the heirarchy of his company.


What is the difference between a financially challenged(poor) Triskelion and a rich Triskelion?

Answer: None. They are Equals in the eyes of the Fraternity.

Does a person have to be rich to become a Triskelion?

No, a person doesn't have to rich to become a Triskelion. He just have to have the desire to excel.

Can a "Nobody" become a Triskelion?

Yes, a 'Nobody' can become a Triskelion. And a "nobody" can become a "somebody" when he joins the Tau Gamma Phi. One just have to voluntarily adhere to it's principles. Tau Gamma Phi can provide the tools/principles tools to be a better person, for one to have a successful profession; but it is for each member to decide which tool to use. He/she can ask counsel from other Triskelions but each member charts his own future. Tau Gamma Phi is a volunteer brotherhood (Voluntariong Kapatiran).

How about a poor construction worker, can he become a Triskelion? Yes, he can become a Triskelion as long as he has the desire to excel.

How about a pre-med student, can he become a Triskelion? Yes he can become Triskelion as long as he wants to excel and improve himself.

How about the mag-babalut and mag-babakal, can they become Triskelions? Yes they can, if they want to excel and improve themselves, which absolutely is the mark of a Triskelion. Why should we deny them the benefits of Tau Gamma Phi simply because they are the under-priveleged. They are still our filipino brothers and sisters. Besides, they just need some guidance.


How about a Triskelion who is a construction worker and a Triskelion who is a doctor, what's the difference? None. They are both Triskelions and they are equals.

Why are the founding fathers of the Tau Gamma Phi good role models for young Triskelions? The founding fathers of the Tau Gamma Phi are good role models because they came from poor families and through hard work became Philippine Government Scholars; and currently are successful lawyers and executives. Contrary to the current perception, Tau Gamma Phi has the biggest fraternal alumni full of professionals, college graduates, and graduates with post graduate studies.

Regarding the Tau Gamma Phi Alumni 'full of professionals and college graduates', why arent' they trumpheted by the fraternity? They are not trumpheted because they are there. It is those who lacks accomplished members that bragging is a necessity to cover their deficiencies. Tau Gamma Phi doesn't have to do that. Tau Gamma Phi has its professional organizations like the Triskelion Order of Law, Triskelion Order of Medicine, Triskelion Order Of Nursing, Triskelion Information Technology Organization, Triskelion SeaFarers Organization, TRILEG, Triskelion Order of Business, etc,etc, too many to mention. There's no need to brag.

With regards to excelling, can people who are not members of Tau Gamma Phi excel? I don't know about them and who are we do judge anybody. If they want to excel but are not members of the fraternity, that is their own business. All we know is that when you become a member of Tau gamma Phi, you become supreme. That is why the Triskelions are collectively called the Supreme Fraternity.

What are some misconceptions about Tau Gamma Phi? One misconception about Tau Gamma Phi is that it is a service fraternity. It is not a service fraternity. It was not also meant to become a humanitatian fraternity although it can do humanitarian work on the sides. It is a supremacy fraternity for its members, for the member's family, and ultimately for the Philippines and its people, the filipino people

Another misconception is that Triskelions love to fight. Triskelions are the happiest people around and because of their competitive spirit, they naturally rise above the rest. Tau Gamma Phi is contented minding its own business. Unfortunately, we have this despicable filipino Crab Mentality. Tau Gamma Phi reserves the right to defend itself and Tau Gamma is Efficient in defending itself especially with an army of Triskelions.. It is worthwhile to note that commandants of the UP Vanguard were Triskelions too. One UP Vanguard commandant even became a Grand Triskelion during its early years. Probably, some military regiment concepts were handed down from one generation to another. But basically, Triskelions are day to day filipinos who smile, laugh, and people want to do well in life. And there should be nothing wrong with that.

Was Tau Gamma Phi copied from any other organization? There is no such thing as a completely original organization. The six founding fathers of Tau Gamma spent hours and days debating, researching, learning the ideas of the great and lesser known philosophers at the UP main lib. Bear in mind that the Philiipine government spent money on the education of these six scholars. The product of their debates and researches is Tau Gamma Phi. Some subtle influences can also be traced from the Jewish people, one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The filipino people got a million-fold return on their investments on these six scholars. At some point, they should be even considered as Philipine heroes.

Going back to the Tau Gamma Phi being original; yes it is. It is a product of filipino creative ingenuity.


Does Tau Gamma Phi condone illegal activiies? Tau Gamma Phi does not condone illegal activities.Rather it promotes good citizenry, personality and character building for its members. Any member who participates in illegal activites gets discipline on site, and/or further disciplinary action, or expulsion upon due process in a Tau Gamma court.


Tell something about "Counsel from other Triskelions"

Tau Gamma Phi has a vast network of members from all walks of life and from multitudes of professions. And each one is willing to give an opinion regarding your situation. The problem is finding the right Brod with the specific skill and knowledge regarding your situation as there are so many members.

Is Tau Gamma Phi a religion?

No. Tau Gamma Phi is not a religion. Triskelions pray but who you pray to is none of the Fraternity's business.

What does Education mean to a Triskelion?

For a Triskelion, education is a source of power. It is the currency to success. Education includes attending seminars, teach-ins, reading books and magazines regarding your profession, researching, practicing your skills, getting more skills, getting a certificate, going to school.

Why are there are no ugly Triskelions?

There are no ugly Triskelions because Triskelions take care of themselves, have proper hygiene, watch their weights to avoid diabetes and heart attacks which nobody needs. Self-control and Discipline key disciplines in Mastering your own world and self, which Tau Gamma preaches. Ugly applicants become handsome when they become Triskelions. And TGP is probably the only fraternity that can do that.

How does Tau Gamma Phi train its members to be leaders?

Tau Gamma Phi train it's members to be leaders by: 1) Having projects like shows, social work, drives,fund raising activities; and give it's members responsibilities to make the project successful. 2) instilling the mantra of supremacy in your field of endeavor, whereby by being a Master in your Trade and Profession you become an Authority; and thereby a leader.

What skills can be derived from Fraternity projects?

Some of skills that can be developed in Tau Gamma projects are the oral and written communication skills.. These skills include the ability to motivate and inspire people in addition to the clear communication of ideas. Social skills are also developed with the warm camaraderie among the Brods.ans Sis'. Tau Gamma recognise the importance of these skills in the real world.

What does Fraternitas mean?

Fraternitas means Triskelions treat and respect other Triskelions like brothers. That is why we address each other Brod. or Tol(from Kaputol, the better half). Fraternitas includes assisting other Triskelions and the spirit of helping is contagious. As individual Triskelions, Tau Gamma councils, TGP regions help each other; the Fraternity becomes a vast pool of resources limited only by one's imagination.

What does unity mean?

Unity means we share the same goals, same tenets and codes, same doctrines, same principles, the same Culture. It means we share the same spirit. It means we are all family members of a big extended family called Tau Gamma Phi. The members---just like the common fanily--- are called brothers and sisters; and the six pioneers of the fraternity as Fathers or the Tau Gamma Founding Fathers. It is worthwhile to note that during it's founding years, Tau Gamma has a cousin called Beta Sigma.

What is the Tau Gamma Phi Culture?

Tau Gamma Phi cullture means the Fraternity's Wealth of Traditions which includes the songs we sing, our poetry, our music, our seals and emblems, the Triskelions Arts that we see, our lingo, our tales, our literature and the way we do things.

Why is Punctuality such a big deal in Tau Gamma Phi?

Punctuality is act of being on time. Tau Gamma emphasizes it's importance as a basis in formulating first inpressions. As an example, if you are applying for a job and you showed up late in your job interview, you won't get the job. If you are negotiatiing a contract and you are late in the meeting, you just lost that contract. Who wants to deal with people who doesn't show up on time. The translation for a person who is not punctual(tardy) is that everything he does is always behind schedule. Who wants to deal with people like that. On the other hand, if a person arrives on time or a little ahead of time, he feels confident, relaxed, and manifest an impression that everything is under control. And that's what people like to see.

What can you do if you just can't be on time?

If for reasons beyond your control you cannot be on time, call the other person and tell him that you will be late. You have a cell phone, don't you?

May nag-Text, paano raw kung walang cell phone and ma-le-late?

Frist of all, how can you send a text message if you don't have a cell phone. Pero kung wala ka talagang cell phone, makegamit ka ng cell phone. Or if not, humanap ka ng land line diyan sa tindahan sa kanto. It's not the end of the world.

Why does Tau Gamma Phi encourage Fund Raising projects among its members?

Tau Gamma Phi encourage fund raising projects in order to teach its members the principles of handling money. And there is no greater internship than having an actual fund raising project where monies are involved. This internship through projects involves proper bookkeeping, tagging of receipts, incomes, expenses, maintainance of chapter bank accounts, proper reporting. The amounts may not be big but the principles are the same.

Better commit mistakes and learn from it while the amount involved are small rather than commit the mistakes in the real world where serious money is involved. Tau Gamma is a good training ground to hone your financial skills.That's why Triskelions end up as good money managers and you can see a lot of them in Philippine banking and finance.

As to the fund raising projects you want to go into, that will depend on your chapter and brods on your chapter where there is no limit of ideas. Tau Gamma is federal in nature. It's a Federation.


Why is a bank account a requirement for each Tau Gamma Chapter? Because maintaining a bank account is a small step in the financial training of Triskelions..

What is Voluntas?

Voluntas means "kusang loob"; you were not coerced; hindi ka pinilit. (according to Brod. Mandy A.). Voluntas means Free Will. Free Will includes financial freedom which is a product of Supremacy in your field.

Why is a Triskelion like a chess player?

A Triskelion is like a chess player because he is three steps ahead of the game. That means he has a plan and is ready for the different scenarios that may happen. He tries to figure out what the other side is thinking and what the other side is trying to do. Like a chess player he, at times, he pulls a gambit.

What is a Triskelion Gambit?

A Triskelion gambit is when you let the other side think that they are winning, only for them to discover that they have fallen into a trap. One example is playing dumb, stupid, or playing dead.

How does a Triskelion think?

A Triskelion thinks by objective. He is goal-driven. That is why he has a focused mind, the Mind of a Triskelion.

What other principles are emphasized in Tau Gamma Phi?

Other principles that are important are the principles of respect, selflessness, self-sacrifice for the good of your fellow Triskelions, common sense.

Does Tau Gamma work with other organizations?

Yes, Tau Gamma Phi welcome other organizations working with Tau Gamma Phi especially if it is for the good of society, theFilipino people.

Is it the goal of Tau Gamma Phi to help other people who are not Triskelions?

The primary goal of Triskelions is to help themselves so that they can attain their full potential. It is only when they have developed themselves when Triskelions attain the capacity to help non-members. Help yourselves first before you can help others. That means acquiring and perfecting your skills, getting an education; then, you have the capacity to help others. It's like: how can you donate money if you don't even have money to ride a jeepney.

But Tau Gamma have projects that help other people. Doesn't that contradict the mantra of helping youself and Triskelions, first and foremost? No, there is no contradiction. When Tau Gamma Phi have projects that help other people, it is also helping Triskelions as they(Triskelions) are gaining experience.

Does Tau Gamma Phi ever do medical missions? Yes, Tau Gamma Phi has its own cadre of medical professionals where they do medical missions on a regular basis all over the country.

How come we don't hear about these missions in the news? You won't hear them in the news because they are not publicity stunts.

What does Tau Gamma Phi gain with this 'help yourself and fellow yourTriskelions concept'? Tau Gamma Phi becomes the cohesive Supreme Fraternity as each member, being part of the Tau Gamma Conglomeration, paddle in one direction. And there is no goal that cannot be achieve with this unity.

In what aspects has Tau Gamma Phi become supreme? Tau Gamma Phi has become supreme in warding off many organizations who have bonded together to dismantle it. But inspite of its small size during its early years, Tau Gamma Phi dismantled them. Tau Gamma Phi has become supreme in Numbers as it started with a mere six University of the Philippines students. It now has 700,000 members in 27 countries and still growing. Tau Gamma Phi can rightfully claim to be the fastest growing brotherhood in the world. And new memberships are no longer limited to filipinos. Tau Gamma Phi is now universal in planet Earth; crossing nationality and ethnic borders.

Are there other fields where it is supreme? Tau Gamma Phi seeks to excel in the Arts and the Sciences . The Rise of the Triskelions is yet to come as we haven't scratched the surface yet.

What are the professions of the founding fathers of the Tau Gamma Phi? Two of them are practicing lawyers and the rest are executives. In addition, the early Triskelions turned out to be lawyers, doctors, mathematicians, science people, bankers, and a lot of engineers. Most are now approaching their senior years. Tau Gamma Phi Alumni have become the role models and mentors for new Triskelions which is undergoing an unprecedented population growth.

How long are the Doctrines of the Tau Gamma Phi good for? The Doctrines of the Tau Gamma Phi are good for the next 1,000 years.

How does Tau Gamma Phi maintain harmonious relations with other organizations? Tau Gamma Phi maintain harmonious relations with other organizations by minding it's own business which is by concentrating on its pursuit of excellence.

It would be a big plus if other organizations just their own business too.


What is meant by the Tau Gamma Way of Life? The Tau Gamma Way of Life are the sets of principles that Tau Gamma preaches. It is a guide for all Triskelions to become good citizens, leaders, and better persons.

What is the Tau Gamma Phi Small Business Guide? The Tau Gamma Small Business Guide is a small step in bringing out the entrepreneural spirit amoug Triskelions. It's goal is to have 2,000 Triskelion businesses by the year 2020.

Is Tau Gamma Phi a gang? Definitely a not. Tau Gamma Phi is not a gang. A gang is an organization that espouses crime and immorality among its members. . These are things Tau Gamma condemns as these acts poison the filipino youth who are the future of this country. Organizations that promote criminality and immorality break Philippine penal and decency laws respectively. The Philippine authorities should wake up and arrest these people for breaking such the laws. As to the filipino youth, they should stay away from these organizations as they lead to nothing and wasted lives. A better alternative is to join a positive organization like Tau Gamma Phi.


Does Tau Gamma Phi screen its members? Yes. Tau Gamma Phi accepts real men. Boy Abunda is not a Triskelion and will never pass as a triskelion.

What does Tau Gamma Phi think of the filipino people? Tau Gamma Phi believes in the natural intelligence and talent of the filipino people. Despite of its socio-economic problems, Tau Gamma Phi thinks that the filipino people are the friendliest and best people in the world.


Other organizations have adopted the doctrines, tenets, codes, principles of the Tau Gamma Phi. What can you say about this?

That just means that the ideology of Tau Gamma Phi works. Society have seen it's rewards, good works, and goodness; that others have started copying it. But if you are going to join a fraternal organization, why settle for a copycat, a fake, a pirated? Join the best and the real thing, the Tau Gamma Phi.


What is the basis of supremacy doctrine of the Tau Gamma Phi? Answer: The Supremacy Doctrine of the Tau Gamma Phi is based on Article II Section 2 of the 1968 Constitution submitted by the TGP Founding Fathers to the UP Board of Regents for university accreditation. It says:

Sec 2. The Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity shall do its best to attain supremacy in all fields
of human endeavor

This is the basis for the Tau Gamma Tenets, Code of Conducts, and Triskelion Principles which is an elaboration of Article II Section 2 of the said Constitution. Furthermore, the 1968 Tau Gamma Constitution is superior to any Tau Gamma document as it the root.

What is meant by 'root'? Root means it is the source, the basis, the goal, the reason why Tau Gamma Phi exist, the soul of the Fraternity

Does Tau Gamma Phi vote for Triskelions running for elective office? Yes as Triskelions help each other. The least a Triskelion can do for a fellow Triskelion running for office is not to vote for the opponent in case out of conscience reasons, he cannot vote for the Brod.

Why does a Triskelion pray? A Triskelion prays at least once a day to make sure that the Supreme Being is with him all the time. The thinking is that you don't want to call the Supreme Bieng only when you have a problem. But by praying once a day, that ensures that the Supreme is always there with you; no need for an emegency call.

I am not a Triskelion. I am a stand-by or a "Tambay" in filipino. If I become a member, how will it affect me? If you are a stand-by (Tambay) and you become a Triskelion, Tau Gamma Phi will ask you to make your life productive by volunteering in nation building. If your finances will allow it, Tau Gamma Phi will ask you to go back to school.

Who was Sindarang Sineda? Sindarang Sineda was the first Tau Gamma Sigma in the University of Santo Thosmas, She won the Miss Binibining Pilipinas Beauty contest during her time.


Fill in the blanks.

The Tau Gamma Phi can be found in ___________schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines.

Answer: 4,000

Of the fraternal organizations, _______________ has the biggest student body in the Philippines.

Answer: Tau Gamma Phi

Of the fraternal alumni organizations, __________________ has the biggest professional alumni in the Philippines

Answer: Tau Gamma Phi. It has 150,000 registered Trikelion alumni.

In the Tau Gamma Way of Life/Triskelion Principles, what does "kick the procrastination habit" mean? That means remove the "I'll do this later; I'll do it tomorrow; I'll do it next week, next month, next year, etc, etc." mentality until nothing gets done. If you have to do something, it means do it now.


What's the purpose of this website? This website---www.taugamma.info---was published to quench the thirst of young Triskelions and the whole world to know and learn more about this amazing Tau Gamma Phi.

Give a brief description of Tau Gamma Phi? It's Legendary.


As 2010 is the start of a new decade, what problems does Tau Gamma Phi forsee for this decade? Answer__: None. If there is, I won't tell you. (by: aka GenghisKhan1968, UP Chapter, TGP)

How do I become a Triskelion?

For entry to the Order of Triskelions and for any questions, contact us or go to the nearest Tau Gamma chapter. They'll make you a Triskelion.






What are perpetual Tau Gamma Phi projects?

Continuous whole year round Tau Gamma Phi projects are:

a) Say No to Drugs campaign

b) Blood Donations to the Philippine National Red Cross

c) Triskelion Tree Planting

d) Feeding Programs

e) Medical and Dental Missions in cooperation with the Triskelion Order Of Medicine

f) Media public services

g) Volunteer Programsv (volunteer to Sagip Kapamilya, barangay tanod, volunteer fire brigade)


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